Instructions for Authors

Dear authors, please kindly note that the deadline for submitting your final paper is July 31, 2023, through IEEE IES paper submission system (IES Conferences Community), and the deadline for uploading your presentation video is August 31, 2023, for all types of presentations.

1) Author Registration:
Before submitting the final paper for Mecatronics&AISM2023, one of the authors of the reviewed manuscript must complete the registration process (full registration only). Only one paper can be submitted per full registration.

2) Final paper PDF upload:
In creatinge your final paper, it is necessary to use the IEEE conference templates in either MS Word or LaTeX formats. The final paper must be limited to 4-6 pages.

-IEEE conference templates

Prospective authors are expected to submit only their original works that have not been published and are not currently under review elsewhere. The conference will verify the originality of manuscripts by comparing them with millions of other articles in databases worldwide. There is a possibility of rejecting manuscripts that violate IEEE's publication principles. IEEE may also take disciplinary actions depending on the severity of the violation.

-IEEE Policy

To check your PDF or convert your manuscript to PDF format, IEEE PDF eXpress (Conference ID: 57255X) is available for Mecatronics&AISM2023. Please note that IEEE PDF eXpress is not a system for submitting manuscripts.

-IEEE PDF eXpress (Conference ID: 57255X)

-Using IEEE PDF eXpress

Once the formatted PDF is complete, you are ready for final submission through the IEEE IES paper submission system (IES Conferences Community). Please note that it is also mandatory to sign “IEEE copyright form" in order to complete the final submission process

3) Uploading presentation video and graphical abstract via InfoVaya:
Mecatronics&AISM2023 will be held as a hybrid conference, with InfoVaya serving as the online platform. All speakers must upload “presentation video” and “graphical abstract” via InfoVaya. The Mecatronics & AISM2023 event can already be viewed on the Inforvaya site. The upload section for video presentation file etc, will be available after August 14, as soon as the session program is organized.


To prepare these files, please read “Instructions of Preparing and Uploading Your Presentation Documents for Mecatronics&AISM2023”.

-Instructions of Recording and Uploading Your Presentation Video for mecatronics&AISM2023

i) Presentation Video (file format: MP4, minimum height: 720 pixels HD, aspect ratio: 16:9, maximum file size: 100 MB.)
Please prepare slides to present your work for 12-15 minutes so that your presentation at the conference falls within 20 minutes including questions and discussions.
ii) Graphical Abstract (file format: JPG or PNG, minimum image size 400×400 pixels, maximum file size: 10 MB.)
In order to give attendees a quick idea about your work at a glance, we also request you to prepare a graphical abstract as a “representative image” of your paper, in addition to the above- mentioned presentation slides. This graphical abstract will be posted on the online conference platform “InfoVaya” with the title, author name(s), and affiliation(s). Therefore, it is not necessary to include the title and author information in this image. This can be one of the main Figures of your paper or a key figure. The file format of this image must be JPG or PNG.

▶ Optional
・Presentation slides (file format: PDF, maximum file size: 10 MB)
・Speaker’s photo (file format: JPG or PNG, maximum file size: 10 MB.)